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Paula Owen, co-founder and Director of eco action games, has written a short guide to gamification in the sustainability sector.

It explores the short history of gamification itself, and marshalls the available case studies and evidence for how this new engagement technique is playing out in the environmental sector.

If you would like to purchase a pdf copy of the guide, then contact Paula.

Contact Paula

Read what people are saying:

“Here’s how it looks today. Every nation on Earth has to start living more sustainably. It can’t be done without the buy-in of those nations’ citizens. This is proving remarkably difficult, as all the usual ways of securing ‘lasting behaviour change’ fall by the wayside. And piling on the doom and gloom doesn’t help much either. Part of the solution, suggests Paula Owen, is to take the tried and tested principles of gamification and put them to work in this complex, challenging territory.

For instance, the best way of countering today’s pervasive sense of powerlessness (given the scale of the challenge with things like accelerating climate change) is to show people that what they do as individuals is making a difference – playfully but still with a serious underlying purpose.

I can strongly recommend this as a real ‘How To’ book. It’s fun, hugely informative and very challenging. And if any local authority still can’t work out to how to reduce the amount of waste it sends to landfill, it could do a lot worse than start with Paula’s own test case in the final chapter!”

Jonathon Porritt, Founder Forum for the Future

“Gamification is emerging as a key weapon in the sustainable business armoury. Dr Paula Owen’s book may well turn out to be a milestone in its development”

Jim Woods, CEO, Green Mondays