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For up to 15 players, age 6 yrs upwards. 

eco action bingo is a unique take on the much loved, well-known, traditional game, but we have re-imagined it and given it a eco educational twist. 

eco action bingo plays just like normal bingo, but instead of just calling out numbers, we have assigned an environmental action to each number that most people can do at home, at school or at work. The action is described in a simple rhyme – that rhymes with its number. The bingo caller recites the rhyme and then the number, the actions get crossed off the bingo cards and the first player to cross off all their actions gets to shout ‘eco bingo’ to win the game.

The eco bingo pack consists: 15 bingo playing cards with reusable covers, a bingo caller card that displays all 30 actions, a set of 30 bingo 2-D ‘balls’ that are contained in a tiny 'ball bag'. The game is then contained within an organic unbleached cotton bag.

Available for purchase individually, and also as part of the small compendium set and the giant eco action playground compendium set.

It comes in seven themes: everyday (home actions), office (actions for employees), water saving, energy saving, energy saving in schools, waste & recycling and food waste.

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