about us

We are a B Corp certified, awarding-winning, social purpose company with a mission is to save the planet through fun & games, not gloom & doom.

We take a fresh, novel, innovative approach to environmental education, engagement and behaviour change. We want people to enjoy doing their bit to help fight climate change and reduce their impact on the planet. Our aim is to take the existing, negative, ‘sandals and beards’ image of green living and give it an aspirational, 21st century re-boot.

We believe engaging people in environmental fun and games is a new, fresh, positive approach that has potential to reach sectors of society that is turned off by depressing, environmental messaging.


eco action games launched at the Science Museum, London, where we showcased our games for the first time. Since then we have sold tens of 1000s of games products and run 100s of events in the most unusual of venues including the Houses of Parliament, St Pauls Cathedral, COP21 in Paris & COP26 in Glasgow, Manchester United Old Trafford football ground and many more.

Despite our playful title, our primary audience and focus is on the eco education of adults. After all, it’s adults that make most of the decisions and display more of the environmentally unfriendly behaviours that we are seeking to change, but we don’t underestimate the power of children who make great recruits to our cause by nagging their parents into action!

We have a range of games, in a wide range of eco themes, twelve in total, to suit all pockets, abilities and ages. We work with companies big and small, charities, not-for-profits and both local and central government departments to spread the word and change behaviours.

We work with our partners and clients to create unusual, interactive and fun events that are very effective at getting our environmental messages across to adults and children alike.

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