Add To Your Wishlistclimate action card game

Add To Your Wishlistclimate action card game

For between 2-6 players. Age 8+

This fun, educational card game explores the aspects of modern living that contribute the most to carbon emissions and illustrates the types of behaviours and actions that link to the range of temperature rise scenarios we will be experiencing by the end of this century.

Each of seven lifestyle categories has 5 cards depicting that lifestyle's choices. These range from the most climate damaging to very climate friendly. Each card carries a score from 5 degrees (climate trashing) to 1 degree (climate loving):

  •  5° lifestyle  – if everyone lived like this it could mean we’d be likely on track for a ‘worst case’ scenario – i.e. up to 5 degrees of warming over this century
  • 4° lifestyle – if everyone lived this lifestyle the planet would be looking at between 3- 4 degrees average warming
  • 3° lifestyle – a ‘business as usual’ scenario where people don’t really change their habits, which could see the planet’s average temperature rise by up to 3 degrees
  • 2° lifestyle – if people take decisive action and modify habits & behaviours now, then we’ve a chance of constraining the global average rise to 2 degrees
  • 1° lifestyle – If we are to have hope of keeping the warming to about 1.5 degrees then these are examples of the lifestyle choices we will need to make

The aim of the game is to build the most climate friendly (low scoring) lifestyle possible and be crowned Net Zero Hero. It’s a game of skill, cunning, but crucially, of timeliness. You have to decide whether it’s better to wait until you have a perfect low carbon lifestyle hand, or compromise and show your hand earlier, hoping that you still have the most climate friendly set of cards overall.

A plastic-free product. Made from Revolve card, the most environmentally friendly card available, and carbon balanced through the World Land Trust.  Designed and produced in the UK.

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